Saturday, February 07, 2009

Crisis Talks Mixtape

Undercurrent comprise the spitting duo of Baron Samedi and Lixx; two accomplished lyricists who are putting out their latest mixtape "Crisis Talks" for free from
Undercurrentuk or Download Here I like the creativity and concept led ideas of many of these tracks; "Chamber Zero" is a superb Wu Tang tribute featuring JabbathaKut and Brothers Grimm take you down some suitably twisted metaphorical alleys, darkly mixing references to Avon Barksdale with Goldilocks and the three bears. Although the sex and power themes of Big Shots and Bare Wimmin, even if satirical still didn't appeal to me but there are many more joints that made me grin, or impressed such as the great story line that unwinds in Gamblers Anonymous. The whole set is choc full of quotables and power spitting. And its free so go cop it! If you get a chance also dig out Baron's "The Formula" 12" for the awe-inspiring "Unamerican Psycho"...wicked tune!

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