Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ice T and CL Smooth flashback

Just bumping the Golden Age mixtape from the Spin Doctor (available from Certified Banger blog) and a CL verse just popped out, a bit about putting wack rappers on a boat and letting it sink...the dude is mad smooth dropping science, punchlines and real stuff for days. He always seems to be presented in Pete Rock's shadow so thought I'd large him up for a moment!

Another golden age banger I just revisited while driving down the rain invested slow infested tarmac of the A12 was Ice T's Home Invasion set; the album cover and concept of injecting black rage into suburban white kids could have used me as a model haha! A shame the movement Ice was adovocating has been so squashed by the corporate machine...listening to this today it sounds fresh; the foul language of today is present (but done much better - check the "If you are offended by words like bitch, ho, shit, fuck...take the tape out now, this is not a pop album") unfortunately the acidic social and political content is sadly missing from most of todays music.

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