Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Zion I Mixtape Free Download

Zion I bless you with a dope mixtape of classic beats re-licked with Zumbi and Amplive straight spittin' head nod fodder...more wierd (wierd for me, but in reality its just more musical!) on side B but good for you flouresenct rockin hipsters who are apparently out there...I live in Ipswich so aint really sure if these kids actually exist! Check this link for DL and a more in depth run down from them Okay Player cats.


Anonymous said...

What up homie. They definitely exist, but I don't think they identify as hipsters so much as hip-hop.

Safe on the link! Damn, I just used safe for the first time.

Solocypher said...

Ha ha Nice one Krisna, trust you'll be chattin like you man from Lock Stock soon blaad!