Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Certified Bangers

Props to Certified Banger for putting together another set of exclusive UK spittingness...volume one was heavy and there is more of the same with this set; check the elder generation dissing 'Respect your elders'(Kate Krusaders ft Remus), straight up banger 'Coming for the Game' (Jut ft Jay Madden Chris L and Assa)and Chima Anya's return to form as a straight up beast with 'All I wanna do', so funny nearly crashed the whip on the way to work! Brrrraap! Go cop both complimentary volumes from Certified Banger Go on, do it now! Gouki P's Jabberwocky sampling 'Mimsey Grove' is a fine example of two elongated fingers flipping a hip hop salute to snooty english teachers!

1 comment:

Certified Banger said...

So true about 'Mimsey Grove'! It's like 'look, we did listen even though you thought we'd fail'. Although there are plenty of well educated Hip Hop heads out there who did well at school.